american family insurance auto policy

If I could rate this place lower than a star I would! They were overcharging me $55 a month for over 2 years american family insurance auto policy. When I got quoted a much lower price from another insurance company I became suspicious why mine was so much higher for so long. Turns out that they decided to put me down for full coverage and high coverage when it wasn't what I asked for. My car is crappy, trust me...

My parents were also with me and know I said "just liability". I also got screwed paying a year of renters insurance when I was living with my parents. They offered $300 to forgive and forget when I paid over $1300 more than I ever should have to then. My brother also was getting charged for 2 cars when he canceled one of them a year ago. He called about to and they said that he wasn't paying for it but it would show up on his billing statement.

american family car insurance policy

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