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I am so sincerely sorry to hear that you had such a negative experience!  I took some time to personally research our notes on your particular case so that I could try to figure out what went wrong here, or at the very least, make sure it never happens again! First, those tricky out-of-state driving records:  We honestly did everything we could, however, due to numerous privacy laws, the state of California will absolutely NOT release driving records to anyone other than the driver himself auto insurance kw.  It's sort of a catch-22 for all of us because while we're grateful that they're keeping our information confidential, we're also frustrated that we've got to hunt them down and get them for ourselves (which sometimes seems to take an act of congress!!!  Trust me, I understand).  It seems as if perhaps we didn't accurately communicate this to you, which left you feeling like you were unjustifiably on the hook for all of the work.  I am sorry it seemed like we didn't offer you any help.

As far as the notary situation goes, I did some investigating to figure out why on Earth we'd ever tell a customer we wouldn't notarize something for them.  Again, we seem to have a problem communicating this to you in a better way.  Clearly we have got to work on this!  Again, I am so sorry.  I discovered that the document you needed us to notarize was signed by someone who was out of state.

 This is explicitly described in Massachusetts "EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 455 (04-04) STANDARDS OF CONDUCT FOR NOTARIES PUBLIC".  Therefore, the Notarial laws actually wouldn't allow us to notarize it.  It's not that we wouldn't, it's that we couldn't.  Again, it seems to be another blip in communication, between what we won't do and what we can't do.

 Evidently your new carrier had some trouble with it, because they filled it out incorrectly... twice!  We reviewed it, caught the errors, sent it back a couple times, and finally got the correct one from them on the 13th of July.

 I found that we had accessed your file over 50 times in 30 days in our efforts to get this right for you and get the process expedited. I know that first impressions are the most lasting, and regrettably we have given you a poor first impression.  I know it would be unlikely for you to come back and give us a second chance, but hopefully by responding to your concerns we have at least shown you that we very much value your feedback as a prior client.  Rest assured that we will take every action to ensure that we do a better job at communicating with our customers and show them that we will always do everything we can to help them, be on their side, and take care of them!  That's what we are here for. I hope this has somewhat restored your faith in our willingness to take care of our customers, and our commitment to them.

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