average car insurance rates for college students

College students who want to make sure their car insurance coverage is sufficient should review these common scenarios: cheapest car insurance south carolina. There are so many factors that go into determining student car insurance rates that many students — and their parents — are surprised to learn that most likely they won’t be charged as much for insurance as they thought they would be direct auto insurance rock hill sc. In fact, in a recent ranking of car insurance rates by occupation , students came in with the ninth lowest rate among more than 60 occupations. The average annual car insurance premium for a student in America is just $1,028.

If you’re searching for the best car insurance rates in your area, simply into the FREE box above! When we say “student,” we are referring to college students who either live at home and commute, or who live on campus. We’re not referring to high school students who are still living at home with their parents. This is an important designation since car insurance companies consider high school students to still be “minors” under their parents’ policies. It’s not until a student graduates from high school and enters college that the insurance company views him or her as an adult. The Student Mindset Your occupation and the education it takes to prepare you for it are both part of the formula in determining your car insurance rates. For a student, it is generally assumed that most of your time during the school year will be devoted to your studies.

Second, the insurance company also gives students the benefit of the doubt in assuming that because you are in college, you have a more serious mindset than your working peers. Whether it’s true or not, it is generally assumed that students will be a lot less risky in their behavior in all areas, driving included. A driver who is less risky behind the wheel is also one who is less likely to file an accident claim . And for an insurance company, that’s what it’s all about.
That translates into less expensive cars and insurance policies that, more often than not, are limited to just state liability limits . This makes sense when you think about it. Take the time to drive through the parking lot at any student housing complex and you’ll see row after row of old, beaten up jalopies. These cars will obviously be less expensive to insure .
Between the high cost of tuition, textbooks, and everything else a student is paying for, having lower insurance premiums is obviously a big benefit . But, if you’re a student today don’t get comfortable; as soon as you graduate you can expect at least a slight increase in your annual premiums. Driving safely and legally while you’re still a student will help minimize that increase. Students at Home Student car insurance rates can be made even less expensive if a student lives at home and commutes a very short distance to school. Furthermore, if he rather than owning his own, his insurance will be even less expensive. All of these factors translate into less risk from the insurance company’s point of view, and result in the student being charged less for car insurance coverage.

Many have an age limit of 26. In other words, as long as an adult child remains a college student he can stay on his parents policy up until his 26th birthday. After that, the person will be required to purchase his own car insurance — whether he remains a student or enters the workforce. There are a handful of states with lower age limit; it’s unknown if any have a higher limit. If you’re a college student, then you can take comfort in the fact that there are only eight other occupations that have lower average car insurance rates than you. Enjoy those lower rates while you can, because you may not have them forever.

average car insurance cost for college students

Younger drivers often face paying higher car insurance premiums than more experienced drivers because they are more prone to accidents and, as such, statistically present a higher risk to their insurance companies car insurance quotes uk young drivers. Fortunately, if you are a young driver (or the parent of a young driver), you do have options to offset these costs. Good student discounts can be a great way to save money on car insurance coverage for drivers in their teens or early twenties. Because statistics show that students who get good grades are less likely to get into a car accident, car insurance companies see them as lower risk and, in turn, offer savings on their rates. g., 1 year) Exactly how much gets taken off the student's car insurance premium will vary amongst companies, so it's a good idea to While not technically a “good student discount," teen drivers are often given discounts for completing and passing an approved driver's education course. to learn all about the driver's education requirements in your state. In order to get the insurance discounts available to good students, most car insurance companies require that the student currently: If your (or your child's) grades aren't high enough to qualify, you can work to get them up. Once they are at the required level, you can revisit the discount with your car insurance company.

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