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No later than 20 days prior to expiration if they aren’t renewing your policy what is a good car insurance company. If you're an Esurance customer and you get into an accident, take your car to one of our Esurance-approved service shops in Louisiana best car insurance rates louisiana. You can directly email the shop to ask questions, get repair updates, and take advantage of RepairView ® , which lets you monitor your car as it gets fixed. Type question here; include email for a direct reply car insurance clarksville tennessee. All email addresses are kept confidential. But unlike other states, which require drivers to carry only a limited amount of PIP coverage, Michigan's no-fault auto insurance policies guarantee unlimited medical benefits illinois vehicle insurance payment.

car insurance rates louisiana

Edwards: More work needed on budget cuts Shops at Canal sold to New York-based firm #TakingaStand: Mothers of murder victims car insurance rates louisiana. Insurance shopping website Insure farmington auto is out with its annual annual of average new-car insurance costs, and once again Louisiana tops the list, a dubious distinction for a state not typically No. 1 in 50-state lists. No. 2 is the home of the domestic auto industry, Michigan. Maine drivers have the cheapest average rates in the survey, which calculates the average annual premium for more than 750 new vehicles models in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. "Louisiana can't catch a break," said Amy Danise, editorial director of, in a statement.

One way to mitigate the rate pain is to buy the cheapest car to insure in the state, which is the Jeep Patriot Sport in Louisiana." The site says states tend to get to the top of the list based on "frequent and expensive auto insurance claims among residents." It also says that rural states tend to benefit from a lack of big cities that are fertile ground for accidents and claims, but the list shows that individual state factors can count for more. Louisiana's problem, according to, is that folks there make big claims and sue each other a lot in front of friendly judges. Says the site: "A high portion of Louisiana drivers who are in accidents file bodily injury claims.

It says Michigan residents pay more in part due to "the state's guarantee of unlimited, lifetime personal injury protection benefits for treatment of injuries from a car accident." It says insurers pay the first $500,000 and medical expenses above that are paid by a Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association, which adds a fee to everyone's insurance premium ($175 per vehicle this year). Neither Louisiana nor Michigan, however, take the crown for the single most expensive insurance bill for any vehicle in any state. That would be for insuring a Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG coupe in Oregon -- a whopping annual premium of $5,867, and that's for a driver with a clean record, according to the website. M-B AMG does, however, also sell the costliest car to insure in Louisiana, an S65 AMG sedan.

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