can i insure a british car in france

In France, you can now cancel your household or car insurance at any time using la LOI HAMON can i insure a british car in france. Try Stuart Collins & Co, a broker which sells an AXA policy monthly auto insurance. They insure our UK registered car in France. Its not cheap but you do not have many options (indeed I struggled to find any other options except re-register the car in France and get a local insurance policy). 26 can you get car insurance with an iva. A question about importing a car registered for disabled use to France (added 17/9/13)...

can i insure a uk car in france

We also offer insurance for your professional activities, professional buildings (workshops etc) and professional-public liability can i insure a uk car in france. If any of these interest you or you have any questions concerning them, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your post says 'moving to France' auto insurances comparison. Whilst many do keep UK regd cars in France, it is fraught with potential problems.

Insurance becomes more difficult and many UK policies insist the car is regd in UK and your main residence is in UK, irrespective of how many days you spend in France. You can insure a UK-regd car in France, but the experience of friends of mine is that they start asking questions about why it isn't French registered. They had a French bought/registered car and took their old UK car over. After a couple of years they gave up with it, returned it to the UK and sold it.

can i insure a british registered car in france

can i insure my uk car in france

can you insure a uk car in france

Thanks for the great site Boris, I do enjoy your interaction with Mrs B can you get car insurance without owning a vehicle. However, as I am not an expert in these matters, I would suggest you contact your local Préfecture de Police, Préfecture, Sous Préfecture or French embassy/consulate, who would be able to give you accurate advice auto insurance in hampton va. 16. A question about car insurance and an MOT (added 20/5/11)...

Do we need an MOT and if so, apart from the Insurance document what else would we need to get this? Jo Rhodes, editor of French Property Links replies... Thanks for contacting us.

Our article "Taking a car to France and registering it in France" ( writes about what you need to do to get a Côntrole Technique, though this does seem to depend on where you get this done. It might be easier to check with the garage concerned.

A question about cheaper car insurance (added 8/12/11)... Hi - I have a LHD French registered and insured car.

insure a british car in france

So I believe it is easy to scrap your cars in France insure a british car in france. Not very profitable, but certainly easy and if anyone wants to have any scrap moved we do it for free! And yes we are registered and do pay taxes. We also cover 53/49/44/35/72/61/14/50 but not everywhere in these departments. But quite regularly we will travel up to 100-125 kilometres, because we get to see the country we now live in as much as anything.

Comments about changing car insurance (added 29/5/12)... You don't switch the insurance like moving the license plate. You have to call your insurance company and cancel the policy of the first car and get a new policy on the new car. Chances are you are going to get a new bill, higher rates, not full credit on the unused portion of the old policy.

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