can i tax my car with a printout of my insurance certificate

I had this recently with my kit car. The insurers said they could e-mail me the cert and I could then print it and use it to get tax. So off I trundle, only to be told they can;t accept e-mailed certs. f k knows why as the only difference is whose printer it comes out of.

So I just went home, and taxed it on-line. Took me all of 3 minutes. I would have saved 15 minutes by not going out in the first place! The disc arrived 2 days later. Well I got away with it The emailed one I was sent did look a bit copied, as it was a scan, and the guy in the Post Office was suspicious and asked his boss, but she just said the dates were fine so accept it! (FYI it's Saab 9000 Aero, black with black leather, one owner from new can i tax my car with a printout of my insurance certificate. Thanks all for the tips. Nope what is the fine for not having car insurance in iowa. You need the policy to tax a car - + a current MOT certificate. Europe's industry commissioner calls on VW boss to compensate emissions-scandal car owners in same way US drivers will be.

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