car insurance am i insured

If you hit one of your own cars while driving another of your cars, liability insurance will not cover you; it only covers damages to any party in an accident you cause car insurance quote no personal information. my dad who has borrowed my truck has full coverage insurance, but I only have liability coverage car insurance am i insured. He wrecked my truck and was deemed at fault. The insurance company says that the truck is totaled. will my fathers insurance cover my truck??.

am i over insured car insurance

I have Geico am i over insured car insurance.  No umbrella due to 2 seasonal condo rentals uninsured for contents.  Net worth 1 mill. Principal residence no mortgage  vehicles:  2011 Silverdo.                  2001 Lexus LS 430 Hubby retired, wife in sales Bodily Injury 1 mill/1 mil Prop Damage Liability.  250 PIP. No deduct uninsured motorist stacked 1 mil/1mil comprehensive.  50$ lexus, 500$ Silverado collision 1k deduct rental reimburse 30/900 six mo premium is 1013.   Ant not advice you can give would be highly appreciated.

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