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Just my experience, make sure to check Geico car insurance first time. I checked all these except USAA and Geico was more than half the price of the cheapest of the rest. I even tacked on Rental Car, Higher coverage, and Accident Forgiveness and it was still half the price. Highly recommended. Even threw on renters for only $10 more when every other place wanted $20.

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Insurance companies have so-called "assigned risk" subsidiaries that they steer "less-desirable" risks to car insurance first time buyers. Premiums can be 40-80% higher or more for the same coverage. In our jurisdiction, you cannot be penalized for age, gender, marital status, length of driving experience, or occupation. The only legal rating criteria are driving records, accidents, type of vehicle, number of vehicles, and type of driving (pleasure, t/f work, business). So, if you have a "clean" record, you should get reasonable rates, right? WRONG! You may be steered to second and third-tier subsidiaries if you don't watch it. Here is an example for which I have documented proof.
He went to a State Farm agent and got a quote for liability-only at $676 for six months. He came to me and I got him full coverage at $550 ($405 liability-only). Why the difference, you might ask? First, State Farm did not quote him from STATE FARM MUTUAL, which would have been $375. STATE FARM GENERAL, used for DUI applicants, would have been in the $1900-2000 area.

Many will just accept the higher rate without a second thought. Why was he steered this way? In all likelihood because STATE FARM did not consider GIs as prime insureds. So, they're offered coverage at a higher premium than may be justified. It's like being penalized before being convicted or even accused of a "crime." The applicant has been offered a policy and is free to refuse it. Note that at $405 liability-only, I didn't have the lowest rate. But, I got him what he needed.

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When it comes to car insurance, it used to be that the only way to compare quotes was to phone around insurance companies and get individual quotes, or go to a broker who'd compare maybe 10 different companies car insurance first time drivers over 25. Now, thanks to the internet and price comparison sites like ours, it's easier than ever.

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you can also be in the doo deeply if you register your car in rural new jersey, say, and they catch ya car insurance first time driver over 30. you are in trouble in NY for sure, and potentially for making false statements in NJ if you say you're a piney when you live in flatbush.

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