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Short-term policies (for periods of less than a year) are available from some companies, although premiums are high, e car insurance quotes spain.g. 50 per cent of the annual rate for three months and 70 percent of the annual rate for six months. Value added tax (VAT/ IVA) at 16 percent is payable on insurance premiums.
If you’re convicted of drunk or dangerous driving, your premium will be increased considerably. In fact, if you’re convicted of drunk driving, your insurance company will probably refuse to pay on a claim! Insurance companies must give two months’ notice of an increase in premiums. No-claims bonus A foreign no-claims bonus ( bonificación/sistema bonus-malus ) is usually valid, provided you have had insurance within the last two years, but you must provide written evidence from your present or previous insurance company, not just an insurance renewal notice. You may need an official Spanish translation .

Most companies offer a 5 percent discount for each year of no claims up to a maximum discount of 60 percent, although some offer a maximum of only 50 percent (or less). Foreign insurance companies may offer a more generous no-claims bonus than Spanish companies. If you have an accident, you’re usually required to pay a penalty ( multa ) or your bonus is reduced, e.g.

You can usually pay an extra premium to protect your no-claims bonus. No-claims bonuses usually also apply to a second family car. Claims In the event of an accident, claims are decided on the information provided in accident report forms ( declaración de siniestro de automóvil ) completed by drivers, reports by insurance company experts and police reports. You must notify your insurance company of a claim within a limited period, e.g.

Many companies have 24-hour helplines for claims, in Spain and abroad. If you have an accident, the damage must usually be inspected and the repair authorised by your insurance company’s assessor, although sometimes an independent assessor’s report may be permitted. An inspection may be unnecessary for minor repairs. Note that when a vehicle is a write-off, Spanish insurance companies usually pay only a percentage of its ‘book’ value, which is often less than its actual value.
After reporting your car stolen, 30 days must elapse before an insurance company considers a claim. There’s little communication or co-operation between insurance companies in Spain and trying to recover uninsured losses is a nightmare. Cancellation Spanish insurance companies are forbidden by law to cancel third-party cover after a claim, except in the case of drunk driving or when a driver is subsequently disqualified from driving. A company can, however, refuse to renew your policy at the end of the current period, although they must give you 15 days’ notice. Note also that, if you have an accident while breaking the law, e.
drunk driving or illegal parking, comprehensive insurance may be automatically downgraded to third-party, which means that you must pay for your own repairs and medical expenses. If you wish to cancel your car insurance at the end of the current term, you must notify your insurance company in writing by registered letter and usually give two months’ notice. You may cancel your insurance before the term has expired if the premium is increased, the terms are altered, or your car has been declared a write-off or stolen. If you cancel your policy during the term of the insurance, e.g. you sell your car, and don’t take out another policy, your insurance company isn’t required to give you a refund. Breakdown insurance If you’re going to be motoring abroad or you live abroad and are going to be driving in Spain, it’s important to have motor breakdown insurance ( seguro de asistencia en carretera ), which may also include holiday and travel insurance, including repatriation for your family and your car in the event of an accident or breakdown. Motor breakdown insurance covering Spain and other European countries is provided by car insurance companies and Spanish motoring organisations. Insurance companies usually offer an optional accident and breakdown service ( asistencia en viaje ), which is adopted by some 75 percent of Spanish motorists.
The 24-hour telephone number of the breakdown service’s head office is shown on a card, which should be kept in your vehicle. If you have an accident or break down, you simply call the emergency number and give your location, and a recovery vehicle is sent to your aid. Although accidents are covered anywhere in Spain, in the event of a breakdown you must be a certain distance from your home, e.g.

The insurance provides for transportation in the event of a breakdown or illness, although transportation to hospital (if necessary) and medical treatment are covered up to a limited amount. An interest-free loan and an emergency message service is normally provided in the case of a robbery. The retrieval of your vehicle is also guaranteed from within Spain or abroad. If you’re unable to find spare parts locally to repair damage, your insurance company will arrange to have them shipped to you (at your expense). Most foreign breakdown companies provide 24-hour centres where multilingual staff provide help and advice on motoring, medical, legal and travel matters. Some organisations also provide economical annual motoring policies for those who frequently travel abroad, e.

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Car Insurance in Spain at incredible prices and in English and with the type of service you would expect in the UK direct auto insurance florissant mo. Hi Adrian, this isn’t an official response but I have always thought it was ok insurance cars for sale in arizona. Certainly I let my visitors use my car as long as they are over 25. Best though to ask your specific insurer in writing to cover yourself!. With over 18 years experience within the Spanish Insurance Market we have a strong reputation within the Spanish insurance industry compare car insurance quotes spain.

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Having car insurance in Spain is a legal requirement and The Insurance Centre offers a wide range of cover for expats starting from Third party Liability basic cover up to Fully Comprehensive Cover with additional options in between car insurance quotes online spain. Get a. The Insurance Centre Spain offers comprehensive life cover to all Expats and family members living in Spain how much money will insurance give me for a totaled car. Life insurance provides a one-off lump sum payment if you die before the end date of your plan.

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