car insurance too high for new drivers

When I leased my new minivan, my insurance rate came up to $4,100! I was using Travelers for my old car (minimum coverage) and paid about $1,800 per year, but I never dreamed that full coverage will cost me THAT much - more than $4,000!!! I ended the year, and started shopping around car insurance too high for new drivers. I had license for just over 2 years, and was 24 years, a male, in NY state... (that's why they charged me so much!) So I called many companies asking for a quote.

I got a price for $2,200. Wow! what a difference! one company asking $4,100, and the other one just $2,200! That learned me to always shop around. A year after, I had already 3 years license, I was over 25, with an excellent driving record, and it dropped for about $1,800 per year. Still a lot, but almost the price I was paying for minimum coverage when I start driving. So the only way is: shop around, or ask a insurance agent to give you the best price.

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