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From a police perspective, an International Driver's License by itself is not recognized as a license to operate a motor vehicle car insurance usa for tourists. It must be supported by a valid operator's license from the licensing agency in the jurisdiction the driver resides. The IDP is only a translation to aid law enforcement officers in understanding licenses that are written in languages foreign to the location where the driving occurs. If a Non US Citizen is buying a car then the value of the car will again play a part car insurance quote usaa. If the car is of low value then or liability with fire, theft, willful damage, personal injury protection (PIP) as well as accident will probably be sufficient.

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Thanks for posting this how to insure a car in new york. I booked with Hotwire (Hertz), and I was debating which insurances to take. I always decline LDW since my CC covers it, but I need to purchase others..

I'll call Hertz, good idea!. We are a party of travellers from Australia and the van hire company we want to go through does not have auto liability insurance we can purchase with the hire vehicle , we require 20 days of insurance , 3 drivers over the age of 25 comprehensive auto insurances. Reliable coverage anywhere in the world, not just in the States car insurance in america for tourists. Hi sherwoodforest, having been an Insurance Broker for decades may I suggest you call Corp Headquarters and talk to someone who knows whether or not your German guest will be covered when driving your automobile will my insurance increase if i buy a new car. Document everything, date, time, who you spoke, their title with the insurance company and what exactly was said.

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They must have actuarial tables showing OZ residents to be bad drivers car rental insurance usa tourist. But the point is that the daily surcharge bit is not always applicable to non-US residents. You'll just have to shop around and find an all-inclusive rate. Too bad you're not from the UK, they seem to get the best deals. #2's point about using the UK sites (. uk vs .com) is good. That will cover you in full for damage to the car or someone else. You would have to take out of lot of property or people to need more than 1 million in liability coverage.

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