cheap auto insurance in ventura ca

Are you looking for better, cheaper auto insurance in Ventura County, California?  CaliforniaAutoInsuranceHQ auto insurance vs health insurance can help find the best auto insurance policy for you.  It doesn’t matter if you require full insurance coverage, liability or even high risk auto insurance.  By entering your zip code below we will help find the best car insurance policy for you. I will deffinetly recomend Nordic Ins cheap auto insurance in ventura ca. They have the best customer service and deffinetly the lowest rates in the area! They will save you money :)!.

cheap auto insurance in oxnard ca

Honestly I am not one to ever complain but dealing with this company has given me nothing but HEADACHES cheap auto insurance in oxnard ca. I had purchased insurance through Julio's Insurance, I was never told that there would be a $100 cancelling fee, by the way. I went back 3 DAYS AFTER to see how much they would charge to cancel, and I was told by one of the employees that I would only get charged $20 to cancel the policy so I thought it would be a good deal and reassured by her that I would only get charged $20 I went ahead and cancelled the insurance policy. I waited a whole month to receive a check of Half of what I was promised/told what I was going to receive.

I still don't know who the supervisor or the manager is. They ended up sending me to speak to the Supervisors assistant, she said she would speak to her manager and she would be returning my phone call the next day. well I waited for a phone call and I actually never received one, POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I had to call them, come to find out neither the supervisor or her assistant were in that day so if I hadn't called they would have just never returned my phone call. I spoke to another employee and had to explain my situation for like the third time. She had to speak to I don't know who since the manager/supervisor wasn't there AGAIN, and when she called me back she offered me a courtesy refund of $50 so I'm technically still assed out of $100.

cheap car insurance in oxnard ca

cheap car insurance ventura ca

They gave me time to explaine what I needed and why car insurance san jose ca. They know what they are doing at Nordic Ins. I would highly recommend them. Thank you. It is required that you show proof of insurance anytime you register a car with the DMV cheap car insurance ventura ca.  It is unlawful to drive a car without sufficient insurance in the state of California. To get the best price, get quotes from several companies and call local agents car insurance cheap uk.

auto insurance in ventura ca

Your rates should go down over time as your car or truck depreciates and your driving record improves auto insurance in ventura ca. If not, negotiate a lower rate, or get quotes from other companies. Rates can vary greatly depending on the level of coverage offered. When comparing rates, make sure that the insurance offered is equivalent. Keep in mind that state minimum insurance may not protect you completely.

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