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AC10 Failing to stop and/or give particulars after an accident AC20 Failing to give particulars or report accident within 24 hrs BA30 Attempting to drive while disqualified by order of the Court CD20 Driving without reasonable consideration for other road user CD30 Driving without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration CD40 Causing death - careless driving when unfit through drink CD50 Causing death - careless driving when unfit through drugs CD60 Causing death - careless driving with alcohol level above limit CD70 Causing death - careless driving - failing to supply specimen CU20 Using a vehicle with parts or accessories in dangerous condition CU50 Causing or likely to danger by reason of load or passengers CU60 Undefined failure to comply with Construction and Use Regulations DD60 Manslaughter or culpable homicide while driving a vehicle DR20 Driving or attempting to drive while unfit through drink/drugs DR30 Driving or attempting to drive/refusing or failing to supply specimen DR60 Failure to provide specimen for analysis other than driving LC20 Driving while under age elephant car insurance quotes. Driving other than in accordance LC50 Driving after a licence has been revoked or refused medical MS40 Driving with uncorrected defective eyesight or refusing test MS90 Failure to give information as to identity of driver etc. PC10 Undefined Contravention of a Pedestrian Crossing Regulation PC20 Contravention of Pedestrian Crossing Regulations - Moving vehicles PC30 Contravention of Pedestrian Crossing Regulations - stationary vehicles PL50 Undefined failure to comply with conditions of Provisional TS40 Failing to comply with direction of a constable or warden TS70 Undefined failure to comply with a traffic direction or sign TT99 To signify disqualification under "totting-up" procedure UT10 Taking and driving away without consent or attempt thereat XX99 To signify a disqualification under "totting-up" procedure. We aren't owned by or have any investment from any insurance company cheap dentist no insurance chicago. Rather than being dangerous drivers, we believe that those with previous convictions can be some of the safest drivers around because they’ve had to become much more conscientious, and that should be reflected in their insurance policy and is the main reasoning behind our cheap insurance for dd.

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