does car insurance get cheaper when you turn 30

Jeff, 25, married and a homeowner (but not bundling): $1,772 to $2,430. So, with the new rating plans, should you expect your auto insurance rate should continue to drop, until age 70, if you keep a clean driving record? Not really. Once you are over age 30, the savings is usually a few dollars, and your rates can actually be higher due to moving to a new zip code, getting a different car, getting divorced, etc. Even if everything about you stays the same, lower rates due to being older are usually offset by the regular rate increases imposed by auto insurance companies. This is because car insurance rates are linked to claims costs involving medical bills and car repair costs, which have a high rate of inflation.

I told my little boy about great uncle who had... Car insurance Payment Plans: Down Payments, Installments, & Flexible Pay Plans.

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