don smith mexico auto insurance

don smith mexican auto insurance

How time flies don smith mexican auto insurance. Enjoy this photo of the Culiacan police department. Photo taken about 1945. NEW UPDATE - MEXICO AUTO INSURANCE LIABILITY LAWS IN 2013 AND 2014 Hi Folk's i'm Don Smith from Don Smith Mexico Insurance no auto insurance penalty nj.

First of all, starting at the beginning of the year 2014 it will be mandatory that if you are driving in a federal highway in Mexico you must have insurance for at least the 3rd party. That being said, let me update you about the insurance liability laws. Last year at this time, if you were the cause of a death injury, you would go to the courts and they would value that persons life at 750 days of labor. As of January 2013, they now value that persons life at 5,000 days of labor.
We have always offered $100,000 as a base for liability and we can now offer $300,000 liability... Again, we hope you never have a death injury like that. But we do have your insurance available at a higher limit.

Thank you and I hope I have answered some questions for you about the new laws in Mexico and driving... Thank you! If you are interested in more information about Driving to Mexico, Laws or you just want to get a quote and get coverage - go to our website at:.

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