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Complaint I called to get insurance on 1/3/14 read the policy no longer interested called to cancel on 1/3/14 told the CS dept was closed to call back at 9 am good to go car insurance phone number. I had my mother call to get me set up with auto insurance she went on line and found this company after talking to ******** she agreed sign me up with them, ******** said that she would electronically send the documents via email to sign. Once we received those me and my mother went over them and 1. Noticed they were based in Atlanta,GA and 2 there was going to be a lot of fees associated with this in order to be billed $11.00 fee monthly.

Me and my mother discussed what they had spoke about and we reached the agreement that this was not the policy for me this was on 1/3/2014 at about 6:30 pm so I asked my mom to call back and cancel the policy because I wanted on that was in the area so that if I had a problem or anything I would be able to go to the office and speak to someone. My mother called back and spoke with **** he listen to why we wanted to cancel and said he would transfer us over to the CS department because he just handled sales then he said well they are closed now they closed at 7:30 so you will have to call them first thing in the morning on 1/4/14 and they will be able to cancel it for you. We called at 9:05 that morning and spoke to ******* by this time it had been maybe 14 hours since taking out the policy which we DIDN'T SIGN that we wanted to cancel she tells my mother that she has to speak with me so I talk to her to cancel the policy at this time she said there will be a fee of 10% to cancel I gave the phone to my mother and she tells her that and my mother tells her that they didn't discuss a cancelation fee nor was it in the policy and that we wanted a full refund, she then canceled the policy and put acting supervisor on the phone which was ***** code *** because she didn't want to give us her last name and ***** *** said that we wouldn't be getting a refund back because the coverage was immediate it's said in the Binder agreement that the insurer or the company could cancel the policy no where in there does it mention fees for cancelation ***** agrues that the fee will stand of $123.43 I told her it had not bee 24 hours we didn't want the coverage and that we had not used the policy and that we DIDN'T SIGN it so I wanted a full refund she said that was not going to happen and that she had nothing else to say and then she hung up.

The money could be refunded or 2. They could reinstate the policy for 30 days if they were not going to refund the money, she said she would have one of them give me a call back and I asked if she could call me back because I had a bad experience with the two of them and she said that she will give us a call back and we didn't hear back from them. Desired Settlement I would like to get a full refund they were not trust worthy once I read the policy it didn't cover what we wanted and it was out of state which we didn't know thats why we didn't sign it and wanted to cancel it immediately had they discussed the fees in the contract or over the phone about canceling then we wouldn't have got to this point because we would have known what to expect and that they were out of state and had billing fees for being out of state then we wouldn't have considered them. I am asking for a full refund because I am on disability and can't afford to lose that amount of money and still need to purchase insurance pay my bills, and eat if I loose that money so can you please see if I can get a full refund being that I will have no other income until next month and I can't afford to be without insurance.

Business Response We have contacted the insured ******* ****** who advised the policy could be flat cancelled effective 1/3/2014 (same day policy went into effect). The cancel date has been amended fromm 1/4/2014 to 1/3/2014, the full payment of $138 has been credited back the card used to start the policy. Mr. ****** also understands by flat cancelling the policy and refunding all funds coverage has been rescinded ; our company bears no responsibility for any state imposed fines for no insurance on 1/3/2014.

good 2 go car insurance phone number

As a company that underwrites non-standard coverage, Good2Go Insurance will not even use your credit rating car insurance cba. Many insurers will not complete your application until they have access to you credit reports. The assumption is that someone with bad credit rating tends to miss payments due to financial circumstances. An applicant needs to improve credit score before he/she can get can get coverage from standard market insurance companies.

Driving without insurance is another type of traffic violation, Good 2 Go Insurance is once again a dependable savior. The company does not use a credit score to determine approval. Good to Go Insurance does not use your driving record as the primary factor to give approval good 2 go car insurance phone number. It is a company you can rely on in times of difficulties to get coverage.
Minor violations such as broken headlights, failure to yield or stop, and parking in prohibited area are standard. Drivers have to pay small fines for such violations. Major traffic violations including DUI often result in hefty fine and cancelation of existing policy by your insurer. Other possible consequences of DUI are:.

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InsureOne is your one-stop shop for the best car insurance available at the best price how to find the best deal on car insurance. Protect your family and your family car for less with our great Family Value Cover, specifically designed for parents with young additional drivers who want quality cover at affordable prices cheapest womens car insurance. insurePink and insurePink car insurance

Calls may be recorded for our mutual protection. All policies sold are subject to English Law. Registered Office: Conquest House, Collington Avenue, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex TN39 3LW. All drivers must have up-to-date car insurance that meets the NY required insurance coverage standards car insurance arroyo grande.

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