grundy classic car insurance nj

I have Hagerty and I am 24 with two vehicles on the policy how to insure a car you've just bought. me being under 25 was never an issue for them. NO, no one under the age of 25 is allowed to drive a Grundy or Hagerty policy holders car, and be covered, period car insurance in paris tx. Well I just moved from one state to another, and in an effort to re-do my Grundy insurance they wound up canceling my policy on me cheapest car insurance for civil servants. Why? Because I've had 2 tickets in 3 years.

My classic car (57 chevy) is not at all a daily driver nor is it a super shiny show car It may see 100 miles a year tops. I called American collector after Grundy refused to renew my policy and was told that they would not cover me either, because "errands are not allowed" in your classic car. Errands like going to the mechanic to have it worked on, errands like going to the grocery store parking lot and turning around and coming back on a sunday afternoon to get it some exercise.  Only driving to and from carshows was covered. This is ridiculous! I should be in control of where I drive my classic. Would not recommend.

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