high risk car insurance quotes online

Bad credit score high risk car insurance quotes online. Although you can't be denied insurance altogether for a lousy credit score, it can be a factor in what an insurance company will charge you in most states. If you failed to pay your car insurance premium and had your policy cancelled by another insurance company, other car insurance companies will likely find out and factor that into your premium. You'll also pay higher rates if you drove without insurance for a period of time -- in some states it has to be at least 30 days -- in the previous 12 months. Inexperienced drivers are among the riskiest around.
People who drive great distances for their job -- pizza deliverers, for example -- are considered high-risk drivers by many car insurance companies. If you drive work, you probably need a business auto policy, not a regular personal lines policy. Certain types of high-powered cars, including some sports cars, can fuel higher auto insurance rates. These cars are expensive to repair and their drivers tend to make more claims.

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