how much more is the insurance for a sports car

how much more does insurance cost for a sports car

Heavy on horsepower–but often light on fuel efficiency–sports cars have played a significant role in automotive culture since Ferdinand Porsche was credited with designing one of the first, The “Prince Henry Vauxhall” in 1910 car insurance in gaithersburg maryland. In America, Ford, Chrysler and General Motors have produced dozens of  sports and “muscle” cars which have infiltrated American culture as a symbol of freedom, success and excitement through their depiction in movies, advertisements, showrooms and on the streets.  The sight and sound of a sleek car makes us think the person driving that vehicle is, well, pretty cool. So let’s take a look at what would happen if a sedan driver were to (yes, upgrade) to a slightly used Chevy Corvette Z06 V8 as a 40th birthday (mid-life crisis *cough cough*) present.

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