how much should you insure your car for

If you know what coverage you want to buy, start comparing quotes from multiple insurance companies low speed vehicle insurance massachusetts. In a car accident, the driver responsible must pay for the damages car accident no insurance not at fault florida. For example, if a driver rear-ends you at an intersection, that driver must cover the costs of damages and any injuries. If the driver has liability insurance, the driver’s insurance company pays for the damage.

That can be as easy as buying the minimum coverage. Or it can be much more complicated. Getting quotes and purchasing car insurance can be confusing and financially taxing if you are unfamiliar with the types of coverage you need what government agency regulates auto insurance companies. Many people make the mistake of purchasing only the minimum coverage, but just as many others make the mistake of purchasing too much, e.g., buying comprehensive coverage when they don’t need it. Knowing how much auto insurance you should carry can get confusing.

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