if a car is not in my name can i get insurance

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Typically, the owner has an insurable interest because they have something to lose if the car is totaled, while someone who is not on the registration does not. If you can prove an insurable interest, you can insure the vehicle, but that may a difficult feat to achieve. Most insurance companies will want you to be named as a driver on the car rather than the owner of it. The insurance will still be written for the owner of the vehicle, but you can pay the premiums and be covered if something goes wrong.

In this case, an insurance agent will advise you to get a new registration which includes both you and your child as the registered owner. This same tactic will work for someone who is not related to you, but the DMV may be concerned that the car is owned by two different and related people, especially if you live at different addresses. You can always pay the insurance for the vehicle, even if you are not listed as driver. In this case, your payment will not benefit you in any way, because you are simply acting as financial benefactor, not as someone who has anything invested in the vehicle. This method works, but introduces other problems if something changes in your relationship with the car owner.

The log book does not mean you are the legal owner but as this post was 5yrs ago you can insure a car thats not in your name as I have done it as the saying goes persecution is 9 10th of the law best auto insurance for nj. Menu Home Car Insurance FAQ Car Insurance Companies Rates by State Car Insurance Comparison Chart Car Insurance Guide Cheap Car Insurance florida rental car insurance guidelines. Can I go to traffic school to remove an old ticket from my driving record? if a car is not in my name can i get insurance. Learn how to register cars, boats and more kingsway auto insurance ontario. Get info on registration renewals, license plates and smog check requirements.

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