imperial car insurance reviews

Fraudulent practice progressive auto insurance vineland nj.  Involved in a hit and run.  My car had damage to the back and some to the front where the tire hit the bumper, plus my suspension was ruined.  I took it into the shop and their rep came to see it.  He told us he would fix the outside of the car, since we were already there, and then we can take the car to the mechanic at the dealership to fix the suspension, since the body shop didn't do that type of work.  They finished the outside and then when it was time to fix the suspension they denied the claim.  They dealership said they could not determine if the damage to suspension was caused by the accident, since they body work had already been completed.  This is all it took for Mercury to deny the claim.
 The tires are hitting the car.   FRAUD.  After 13 years of being a loyal customer with only 2 other minor incidents, this is how they treat me.  They are FRAUDULENT.

imperial auto insurance reviews

This car insurance review concerns Imperial Insurance Services, a company based out of Landover, Maryland how to get cheap car insurance when your 17.  The company of insurance products for cities in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.  Imperial Insurance has been in business for over 15 years. While the company focuses on trucking-long haul or short hauls, they also provide personal and products. The company provides affordable and flexible insurance policies for almost any situation involving motorists or business owners. It offers insurance coverage to motorists with excellent driving records, and with not so great driving records. Why not start comparing insurance policies right now?  You can find affordable car insurance by entering in your ZIP code!  More About Imperial Insurance Services Imperial Insurance offers comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, rental reimburse gap coverage like no fault protection Besides regular auto insurance, the company also offers trucking liability, trailer interchange, cargo, hired auto and paratransit policies.
The company takes a “clients first” approach to business. Ask for savings and discounts by signing up for multiple policies within the same company. You can rates today by and comparing car insurance quotes now!. People found Imperial Auto Tags & Insurance Agency by searching for… imperial auto insurance reviews.

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