is virginia a no fault auto insurance state

If you are not sure whether to opt in or out of no-fault insurance (when you have the choice), call your car insurance agent to go over the best options for you is virginia a no fault auto insurance state. No-fault car insurance, commonly referred to as PIP insurance, is offered in a number of states cheap insurance yuba city ca. It pays for your injuries after an accident, whether or not you were found responsible. NOTE : Maintaining an SR-22 means you MUST purchase car insurance (you cannot use the uninsured driver fee option to fulfill your financial responsibility) american century auto insurance ga.

is virginia a no fault state for car insurance

More information about West Virginia's auto insurance requirements is available from the  West Virginia Department of Transportation is virginia a no fault state for car insurance. Sometimes a victim can recover punitive damages as well, but generally, at least in Virginia, punitive damages are given only when the at-fault party did something that was much worse than ordinary negligence cheap car insurance in northern ireland. negligent, reckless, willful, wanton, or malicious for the victim to be able to recover punitive damages. If punitive damages are justified, the court will usually award an amount of money that is a multiple of the actual damages suffered.

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