list of auto insurance companies in michigan

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list of car insurance companies in michigan

Home to the Michigan State University Spartans in addition to being the capital city of Michigan, Lansing is the 6th largest city – very close behind Ann Arbor – in the state with almost 114,000 residents as of 2013 list of car insurance companies in michigan. Lansing is also called "The Heart of Michigan" partly because it is quite literally in the center of the state. The state government and MSU provide many of the jobs in Lansing but there's strong private enterprise as well with plenty of national and regional companies keeping their headquarters in the city. The cost of insuring your vehicle in Lansing is $1,071 per year which is 23% cheaper than the state average and more than $1,300 less than residents of Detroit are paying!.

list of all auto insurance companies in michigan

Thanks for the question do i need personal auto insurance to rent a car. Most likely you are currently receiving a discount for your insurance credit score. When a husband and wife are both listed as named insured’s both insurance credit scores are calculated and the best one is applied. Occasionally a score cannot be obtained.

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