marathon financial insurance auto warranty

I JUST RECIVED A LETTER FRON THIS PEOPLE BUT AM GET SCARED OF DEALING WITH THEM BECOUSE THERE IS ALOT OF COMPLAIN AM READING ON THIS PAGE NO SINGLE PERSON SAY SOMETHING POSITIVE ABOUT THEM allcare auto insurance agency inc. Marathon Administrative, Co marathon financial insurance auto warranty., Inc. was founded in June 2000.

, Inc. is an administrator/obligor. Marathon Administrative Co., Inc. is licensed in 47 states.

I was told Direct Auto Protection, "now what is the mileage on your car?" "I'll transfer you to another agent to answer all those questions after you tell me the mileage on your car, do you know your mileage?" I told him he may as well go ahead and transfer me to that other agent. A very "chipper" and fast-talking woman came on the phone, calling me by my first name, describing herself as from the business office and my down payment would be $300 and that would cover bumper-to-bumper, engine, everything, etc. I interrupted and said, "I'm not interested", at which point the connection went dead from their end. I immediately go to the web to look up Direct Auto Protection, but only find Protection Direct or Auto Protection Direct or similar - obviously this is the same company, they've just juggled around the words in their name...

marathon financial auto warranty

I recently changed my tags from Cali to Texas, then I received this same letter marathon financial auto warranty. My vehicle is not new, I simply moved state and changed registration. My biggest question is: how did they get my name and details of vehicle. Was this through the clerks office that I made payment of registration to?. I will be calling them tomorrow to find out and I will add a comment here relating to that call/answer. This might not be relevant but I am getting this out to as many Car Warrantly blogs, chats etc who has the best auto insurance rates in nj. After reading the limitations and exclusions very carefully I decided this could be of value. Here's the catch all the switches and casings that must be removed to get to the motor.

..not covered. Obviously, the cost of the switches and casings make it so that one wouldn't want to have the motor fixed.

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