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"Lowering the suspension can make the car handle and corner better, but it still usually makes for a higher premium," said Simon Hill of the Cambridge Modified Motors Owners Club direct auto insurance waco tx. "I fitted a roll cage to my Mini which made it stronger and safer, but the insurer came back to me to ask if I was planning on flipping the car over!". With over 25 years experience, Flux Cherished has a reputation for designing insurance that matches your needs to your budget cheap auto insurance new brunswick. Our Cherished department has a whole spectrum of specialist schemes to cover all varieties of grey imports. To discover more of the benefits of this temporary insurance, or any other policy, and to find out how we can help you benefit from Adrian Flux’s decades of experience, either click the quote button below, complete a callback form online or dial 0800 369 8590 modified car insurance adrian flux.

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I have just moved my insurance from SwiftCover (happy-ish with service, just not renewal price) to Adrian Flux dla mobility car insurance. I moved both of our cars (BMW 530d - standard and BMW 335d - modified). In all both policies have cost us 1200 quid. All was well until I needed to prove the NCD. SwiftCover have been terrible at sending this through the post. We were told, by AF via email, that the policy on the 530 would expire if we did not send them this NCD proof. Finally we got the posted proof from SwiftCover 5 days before the policy with AF was to expire.

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