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Click on each product below for more details car insurance quote in ga. All of these covers can be paid for annually, or added to your monthly payment plan – simply ask one of our agents to find out more. My Motor Quote, as part of The A&A Group, are experts in the insurance industry with over 45 years of experience helping find our clients insurance policies that meet their individual needs how to find out my car insurance provider. Vehicle damage – We’ll help with your repairs or your claim if your car is a write-off, getting you back on the road as soon as possible cheap car insurance kansas city. A personal accident benefit - certain amounts are paid in the event of the death or specific permanent disablement of the policyholder (and sometimes his or her spouse or family member) my motor quote car insurance number.

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I started my policy with The General on 10/09/2015 for $165 to start and $156 a month insurance of a car per month. In November, I go online to make my payment and my policy increased by $75 and I was requested to pay a total close to $400. Of course I called and was told that the discounts in my original quote was removed based on my history report that explained I haven't had insurance in the last 5 years, which is impossible since they had no report to show my license had been suspended. Come to find out they use a company called Verisk that businesses use on a voluntary basis. I requested the report and it did not explain anything but under where it said claims reported was NONE.
So in December I go online to make my payment on the 17th, (date was adjusted after correction) and after receiving a confirmation # I got an error message saying my account couldn't accept online payments and to call and speak with a representative. Well, this is the only insurance company I've dealt with that cannot assist you after hours. So to keep my policy active, I did my due diligence and made the payment through the automated line. Payment was accepted.

I call, was told the refund can take 3-5 business days, 2-3 if expedited. I requested expedite because the overpayment was for another bill. I called three times and was told the refund had been processed. I call today and was told since the new bill went out on the 20th the credit was applied to January's balance. I was lied to from the beginning and they intentionally sat on my request and stole money that was slated for my rent.

Yes, I made the payment twice only because the online system rejected my payment. Sorry doesn't always fix things. My advice is don't settle for minimum coverage because the minimum is all you will get. I honestly want to sue them but that will cost me more $$$. Applies to Direct Line customers using our approved repairers once logged on garage system, does not include Public Holidays my motor quote car insurance reviews.

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