should i get the rental car insurance

Please select the following settings for your "My DailyFinance" quick view: should i get the rental car insurance. If you’re on vacation, no problem car insurance companies in peoria illinois. Just say no. If you’re on vacation but planning to do some business, you’re probably OK. But you should talk to your auto insurance agent if you mix business and pleasure on the trips where you plan to rent a car. One thing to keep in mind: Your collision and comprehensive coverages on your personal auto policy have deductibles (the amount you must pay before the insurance kicks in). Those deductibles apply to damage to rental cars as well.

should i take the rental car insurance

Cover all your bases Credit cards offer only one type of coverage: the loss and damage waiver, also called a collision damage waiver should i take the rental car insurance. This waiver covers the cost of repair to a damaged car or the replacement of a totaled or stolen car. It does not cover anything else. "Just understand that this is not liability insurance and doesn't cover you for damage, injury or death that you cause," says Linda Sherry, director of national priorities at consumer advocacy group Consumer Action. Some credit cards may offer supplemental protection for a fee.

95 per rental (up to $75,000 in coverage) or $24.95 per rental (for up to $100,000 in coverage), which includes primary insurance, accidental death or dismemberment benefits, and medical and personal property insurance. If your card doesn't offer a supplemental plan, Sherry advises consumers to check their personal auto policy, if they have one, to see if liability protection is included for car rentals. Otherwise, go with the coverage offered by the car rental agency for liability because your credit card won't provide it. Know your coverage Just because your credit card offers loss and damage coverage doesn't mean that it's the best option for you.

It pays to call your credit card issuer beforehand and find out how much the protection covers, if towing or out-of-use fees are included, and what restrictions may apply. In general, American Express offers the most coverage, dollar-wise. All cards come with up to $50,000 in loss and damage coverage. Its two premium cards -- the Platinum Charge Card and the Delta Reserve credit card -- provide up to $75,000.

MasterCard cardholders must contact a customer service representative for more details. Visa and American Express cover the cost of towing and any fees the rental car company charges for the rental vehicle being out of use, but others don't. Discover cards don't cover loss-of-use charges, and only Discover's Escape credit card covers towing fees. (Again, MasterCard customers must call for details.

should i get the extra rental car insurance

The minimum liability limit requirements are something like no more than $15,000 for injuries to any one person, no more than $30,000 for injuries to all persons, and no more than $5,000 for damage to the vehicle(s) you hit insurance auto auctions florida. That’s not much at all. If you have any assets to protect, you should strongly consider purchasing the rental car company’s liability coverage, which costs $7 to $15 a day depending on the state and level of coverage you choose. Higher liability limits mean higher daily costs. 6 Surprising Reasons Why Rental Car Insurance Is Actually Worth Buying should i get the extra rental car insurance.

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Find the sections that disclose your responsibility under state law if there’s an accident, and details about the rental agency's waiver should i get rental car insurance am i already covered. If state law limits your liability exposure and your auto policy and credit card are sufficient for what you are liable for, you might safely pass on the LDW, which is actually, strictly speaking, a waiver of your liability rather than true auto insurance.

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There's really no "standard card coverage," so call your card issuer to talk through all of your protection options should i buy rental car insurance when renting. You’ll want to check whether the coverage is primary or secondary, however car insurance estimate bc. Primary means you won’t have to involve your own car insurance company in the event of a problem. Secondary means that your own insurance company is on the hook first before the travel insurance coverage kicks in. as long as you pay for the rental with your card. If you lost the guide to card benefits that your company sent along with the card, call the company or go online to verify these benefits. If you’re looking for some particularly travel-friendly cards, check out our post on the vary by company and card . You may only be covered for a certain period of time, such as 15 or 30 consecutive days, and the amount of collision damage will be capped at different amounts such as $25,000 or $50,000.

should you buy the extra rental car insurance

You don’t have car insurance, or what you have is bare bones: If you don’t have car insurance, you have very high deductibles, or you don’t have comprehensive and collision, you’ll probably want to think about at least opting for the rental company’s loss damage waiver should you buy the extra rental car insurance. If you have no car insurance at all, you’ll also need to spring for supplemental liability. If you’re mixing business and pleasure and your company won’t cover rental-car insurance, talk to your own car insurance agent about whether your policy will protect you. If you’re renting a car primarily for business, your personal car insurance may not cover you at all. Chances are your car insurance won’t cover you most places outside the U.S.

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