specialist kit car insurers

as a 'project', a hobby or simply to have fun driving it, we understand the particular needs that kit car owners have from an insurance – can be arranged on application, depending on the policy taken specialist kit car insurers. Many insurers will only pay out the 'market value' of your kit car if you suffer a total loss. With a kit car, market value is often difficult to determine, and kit cars are often undervalued by non-specialists. We can assess your car and agree cover for its true value, so you won't get a nasty surprise if you need to make a claim. – to cover you collecting your kit car, parts and tools from the manufacturers.

We could cover all of your vehicles, for a single low premium, and because we know that kit car drivers are a good risk, we can usually offer a very competitive price. – so your kit car and its parts are fully protected from theft or mishap during assembly. – the fewer miles you drive, the more you can save, from as little as 1,500 miles. – can be arranged on application, depending on the policy taken. – If you belong to a recognised owners club or enthusiasts' forum, you will receive a discount of up to 15%, depending on the policy taken.

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