texas farm bureau insurance car seat program

DEDUCTIBLE FOR PERILS INSURED AGAINST OTHER THAN FIRE, LIGHTNING OR WINDSTORM We will deduct from the amount of loss or damage to each item of insurance in any one occurrence the deductible amount shown on the declarations for Deductible For Loss by Perils Insured Against Other Than Fire, Lightning or Windstorm During a Selected roof types meeting Underwriters Laboratory (U affordable auto insurance tennessee.L.) Code Standard 2218 make you eligible for a discount off your extended coverage premium, unless the Windstorm, If your dwelling has a metal roof type, your dwelling's extended coverage base premium will be reduced 20%, unless the Windstorm, Hurricane and Hail Exclusion Agreement is attached. If the roof also qualifies for the Impact Resistant Roof Discount, the greater of the two discounts will be applied to the dwelling item. Certain property located within 1,000 feet of an approved constant water source A wood roof surcharge of 20% is applicable to all dwellings with a wood roof or a wood roof that has been overlaid with another type of roof construction.

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