viking insurance company of wisconsin dairyland auto

On November 11, 2015, as I was leaving my daughter's father's house, I was making a left turn as usual to the far right lane, then suddenly we were rear ended turned to collision cheapest car insurance for bmw. My daughter started to cry. I was horrified as hell for her. I thought it was a hit and run at first. Phoned the police then suddenly, a Cambodian woman comes up to me, she said it didn't bother me to exchange information or nothing.

It gets more beyond maddening and sicking a hell. I went in good faith reporting the auto insurance my damages. I can't remember if I was being recorded or what. I was still quite shooking up and traumatized. I explained to the slimeball rep who was supposedly assist me, then he said he was gonna to send an inspector to photograph the totaled car.

Hernan ** was his name I believe. My attorney, Andrew **, took a photo as well of my dead totaled car. And my attorney said that whatever I told this rep of the 3rd world auto insurance company, these slimeball **, they're going by what I said instead of the evidence of my damaged car. I really went off the rails when he told me that it's like they had the damned gall to question my rational under severe emotional distress. It just gets worse.

I failed to maintain proper lookout and failed to take evasive action. Seriously? It goes to show you what sleazy slimeballs these SOBs are. Their parent company, Viking Insurance Company of Wisconsin, Dairyland Auto, utilized 3rd world tactics. They go by what you say on some punk ass statement on recording instead of using evidence to prove that you were unjustly banged up by some low life driving driver. Please folks, I don't want no one to go through what I did.

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