what does the average american pay for car insurance

Just to throw it out there I just bought a new 2012 KIA SOUL live in Palm Springs Ca, and I am paying $892 auto insurance requirements for dc.80 per year. 50K 100K bodily injury 25K property damage, medical payments 10K uninsured motorist bodily injury 50K each person, 100K each accident $500.00 deductible. NerdWallet analyzed car insurance quotes for 1,000 zip codes across the U what does the average american pay for car insurance.S.

what does the average american pay for auto insurance

In order to qualify, you are typically required to have the maximum under the split limit policies xs direct car insurance uk. For example, at GEICO, your auto insurance has to max out at $300,000 for bodily injury, and $100,000 of property damage. Other insurers may have different requirements. Nope, noooo idea because it also depends on lots of other variables like where you live, how much you’ll be driving, what type of car you’re getting, etc etc… But the fact you’re 25 without any accidents/problems is a great start! You’ll def car insurance on smithville rd dayton ohio.
Hi I’m about to get a car on my name for the first time new york auto insurance codes.. I’m 25 and I have never had a ticket or been pull over or DUI s . How much it I’m looking at to pay for car insurance any idea ?.

what does the average american spend on car insurance

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