what is the cooling off period for car insurance

Here's how you replace important documents like your driver's licence or MOT certificate cheapest car insurance dubai. Where the car is kept, such as in a garage or on-street parking what is the cooling off period for car insurance. on your motor insurance policy. We also have tips to help you bargain for a better deal , when you are buying or insuring a car. Check out our. Most policies generally are issued for six months or a year volvo car insurance quote.
passed , the financial penalties for cancelling your policy increase sharply. You'll be charged a cancellation fee, and the amount you're refunded for the unused premiums will be limited. For example, if you cancel with just two months or less left to run, you may be entitled to no refund. In a case such as this, it may not be worth cancelling the policy at all, as doing so will incur a cancellation charge.

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