why did my michigan car insurance go up

If you're involved in an accident (in Michigan) with a nonresident who is an occupant of a vehicle registered outside of Michigan. 1 insurance car auction usa. Don't go through agents. They need their cut and get bonuses for steering you. 23.

The year of the vehicle, the driving record and age of the driver, the safety rating for the vehicle and whether the driver has personal health coverage. All of this should factor in… but in actuality the main reason why insurance in Michigan is so ungodly high is because it is to high for lower wage earners to afford, so they boost the rates for those who do have it but can barely pay for it to begin with. Everyone deserves the right to have affordable auto coverage that doesn’t rape them in the ass with a red hot picker and no lube. We’ve always had auto insurance and sadly every six months even though we pay our premium in full when we renew it, it goes up every six months instead of down. In the last 18 months our insurance premium has gone up every time we renew our policy… this last time the premium went up nearly 700.00 for a six month policy… when it should have gone down because we have been with our same company for almost 5 years. DETROIT FREE PRESS Albom: Michigan's no-fault insurance bill a shameful grab. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our why did my michigan car insurance go up.

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